Bank Deposit Management Software

  • We pulled together data from over 15 data sources including daily balances, interest rates, transactions and liquidity calculations.
  • We stored the data efficiently leading to having 2 years of history for almost every deposit in the bank. This included information about the account, account balances, liquidity metrics and additional daily calculations.
  • We built a desktop reporting application to provide business intelligence and flexible data drill-down tools.
  • We provided a mechanism to send out daily reports to different internal segments within the Bank.
  • Data security was critical due to the sensitivity of information. This was implemented at the database level and at all stages where users touched data.
  • The full package of software allowed the Bank to focus attention on various parts of the deposit book to drive significant additional returns.
    Tier 1 Global Bank
    January 2018 - February 2020
    SQL Server, C#, WPF Desk Application, C# Windows Services, HTML, Javascript, Python